H O M E  

MECH1 LLC -- We provide patented mechanically attached metal pipe fittings for large bore pipes for high pressure process industries. The swaging process is the fastest, safest, most reliable and cost effective system using air, water, oil, gas, paints and hydrocarbons.

Efficient On-Site Pipe Fabrication and Repairs

  • MECH1 fittings are permanently swaged in minutes and reduce time and labor

  • MECH1 fitting installed cold and no fire watch required, inturn eliminating wasted man power

  • MECH1 tooling is hydraulically actuated deleting special on-site services

  • MECH1 system do not require X-ray inspection

  • MECH1 system do not require hydro testing there by eliminating chemical waste disposal

  • MECH1 need only simple go-no-go inspection gage needing no costly non destructive testing

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